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Strong brands are based in strong identities. They stand for personality, character and individuality. It’s not enough to just do something well, you need to do it differently than your competition. In order to commit your clients longterm, they need to be able to identify themselves with your brand on a personal level.

At Zensations we are convinced that everyone need to focus on their distinctive competencies in order to succeed with extraordinary and great projects. Our core capability is digital communication. We see digital marketing as an integrated process of communication instead of a “stand alone solution”. That’s why we approach business communication holistically instead of highlighting various separate parts


In a business context the reward is rarely the journey. So even before the start, you need to define your journey’s destination in order to identify the right strategy to get there. Is it adequate to adjust or revise existing concepts or do they need to be reinvented? Your goal defines the approach on many levels and builds the base for a congruent and consistent appearance across all your channels – online and offline. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide where to start. Zensations is your sparring partner – together we define your goals, milestones and create successful strategies.


Growth Hacking is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Of course, business ideas need to be scalable, but nowadays they need to be scalable very fast. Markets undergo a continuous change and shift almost in a minute cycle. The one who does not want to be left behind, needs to measure, analyze and optimize their results very quickly. Besides analysis and consulting concerning particularly performant solutions, Zensations offers the implementation of SEO and inbound marketing measures, Google Ads, display ads and customized landing pages.


Social Networks are mighty tools you can use for your business success. Depending on your target audience, they might even be replacing classic media. Therefor it is essential for your communication strategy in order to pick your customers up, where they spend 2-3 hours a day: on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Social Media in general. Nevertheless, social media is not a one-way street, which is also the advantage: You are able to start a dialogue with your customers and thus involve them even more in your business or brand. Our social media experts evaluate your existing channels and appearances and give you insights and recommendations regarding content creation, the voice of your social media communication and advertising content across all your platforms. Creating guidelines and editorial plans as well as ongoing community management are parts of our services.


There is nothing like a good story. Good stories fascinate and grip us. They connect us and entertain us. We identify with stories and learn from them. And that’s exactly what your customers do as well. They build trust and a stronger bond to your business or brand by consuming valuable and entertaining content. Content marketing is often linked to social media marketing, but it offers even more possibilities. Corporate blogs, infographics, videos, webinars or advertorials – Zensations supports you creating and spreading your content. So you can tell your own story and it is heard by your customers.


Great services or products are not enough – you need to talk about them. And it is even better to get others to speak for and talk about you – in a good way, of course. Zensations facilitates this process by press and blogger relations. What is more, we accompany your product launch and crowdfunding campaigns. Communicating with your regular and potential customers is not to be forgotten. We conceive and convey mailings and newsletters (marketing automation) – always keeping your objectives in mind.


Austausch und Wissenstransfer sind unverzichtbar für innovative Unternehmen. In unseren Social Media Workshops bieten wir Kurse für Unternehmen, die diesen Vorsprung nutzen möchten. Ob der Facebook Basisworkshop für Einsteiger oder der Facebook Ads -Kurs für Experten. Wir stellen uns auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und bieten maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Ihr Business und Ihr Team.

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