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Die Gärten Niederösterreichs

You want to relax in a garden and enjoy nature? It’s possible to do so even without having a green thumb. But even if you are a hobby gardener with a lot of talent, you are at the right address here. The “Gärten Niederösterreichs” have got the appropriate atmosphere for every gardenlover, hobby gardener or other interested enthusiasts in their 130 top destinations. In order to let you experience the different venues and events on social media, the subsection of Niederösterreich Werbung brought a team of experts with fertile imagination on board by engaging Zensations for support. The goal was to raise awareness for the different show gardens among locals and tourists alike, inform about upcoming events during the summer season and gain more visitors for the member companies of the “Gärten Niederösterreichs”.

Since 2013 Zensations has been a partner for support on Facebook and Twitter. In 2017 a new channel was established by opening an Instagram business account. It grants particularly vivid insights behind the garden doors and features a lot of smaller private show gardens, which want to present themselves as havens of peace instead of event locations. We take advantage of the full range of the different ad formats on Facebook and Instagram and concept and implement everything from common event post ads to Instagram story ads to canvas ads for various focus topics (e.g. moonlight events, culinary highlights, garden art etc). Animations and short videos brighten up the feed and make for more engagement among the garden fans. So we were able to increase the impressions in 2018 about 52% in relation to the year before and gain 15% more social media fans.

>1 Mio.

Impressions (2018)


Increase in fans