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Men of the world unite!

The struggle is real for men nowadays: Every winter they have to face the man flu ever again, society has high expectations concerning their arts and skills of backing into a parking space and what is more, the colour of their socks should match their shirt’s pattern…

Dear gentlemen, no worries! There is a place for all of you in Vienna’s 2nd district. A shelter, where you are listened to and even some of your problems might get solved. The concept store strictly HERRMANN cater to every man’s needs. Bon vivants find clothing, books, wine and other gadgets and luxury goods. Men of the world may discover one or the other local artist in the ArtRoom. As location for events strictly HERRMANN cuts a fine figure. The place to be, no matter if you host a workshop, corporate function, a private birthday party or other events. In the whole area, women are welcome too, of course!

Just alike the online shop and social media accounts – everyone is welcome here. Zensations supports strictly HERRMANN on Facebook, Instagram and in online sales since 2018. The defined goals were to increase the reach and awareness, gain more customers for the website and the concept store and – of course – increase sales.


User interaction


Daily Reach


Daily impressions

We started by defining and targeting relevant audiences through the particular channels. Content creation like copy texts, photos and videos as well as setting up, optimizing and monitoring ads happens on a monthly basis in the scope of this project. Marketing automation and recommendations concerning sales promotions address registered customers and potential new customers of the online shop.