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We love Start ups. Working with young professionals and entrepreneurs, who are just starting off in their niche and market, is particularly exciting. It takes a holistic concept. For SCUBAJET, a start up from Klagenfurt, Carinthia we implemented such. We were convinced by the product and the whole team right from the beginning. So we offered our expertise in implementation of a crowdfunding campaign, PR, communications and marketing.

SCUBAJET produces the world’s most flexible water jet and smallest dive scooter. Due to its innovative adapter system, the device can be used for almost any water sports. No matter if you are in for a swim, snorkel, dive or paddle trip, SCUBAJET makes water sports an adventure.

Which road lies ahead? This is the question to start with at every project. But for companies that are just entering the market this question is also the most important. Besides external communication and corporate wording, establishing an internal communication strategy plays an important role as well. We created a marketing plan for SCUBAJET starting with analyzing their market potential to the point of the first concrete actions.

100% funded

in 4 days


Mentions in media


awarded in Branding & Design

Test the water temperature first…

After we defined, where the road has to take us, the next big question lay ahead: Where to take the money for the serial production? The decision was made very quickly: We focussed on Crowdfunding via the platform Kickstarter. The campaign was very successful from the start, not least due to the preparatory work on social media and the project was successfully funded. Subsequently, we offered the SCUBAJET on Indiegogo InDemand for pre-order.

We dived right into the social media world with the versatile water jet, starting off with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In January 2018, a Youtube channel joined the portfolio. Thereby, we want to strengthen the brand’s image and build a community around water sports and diving.

Press relations started at the same time. National and international media dealing with diving and water sports as well as business and the start up scene have been contacted and have covered stories enthusiastically.

Riding the wave of success

A great highlight in the year 2017 has been the appearance of SCUBAJET in the show “2 Minuten, 2 Millionen” on Austrian TV station PULS4, which has been accompanied by our social media activities and press work as well.

Simultaneously we launched the new SCUBAJET website including a self-hosted online shop based on the content management system WordPress. The Shop is implemented via WooCommerce. A reseller shop is available too, distribution partners are able to order their products as well as marketing material there. With the website launch the social media activities were extended by a blog. On the one hand it makes the product more visible, on the other hand it adds excess value to the reader and informs in depth.

As we already stated, we were totally bowled over by the idea of SCUBAJET. After the two investors Michael Altrichter and Hans Peter Haselsteiner pledged their financial support in the PULS4 start-up show, Zensations also came out with big news: The agency boarded the project as an investor too and now holds 10% of SCUBAJET’s shares.

Furthermore, we got to proof within this project, that we know more than digital. SCUBAJET was on the road and part of many exhibitions, fairs and demo days in 2017 in Europe and the US. Therefor an exhibition booth design (indoor and outdoor) as well as many different printed matters. So we created product folders, flyers, stickers, roll ups and many more. Plus: There is no dispatch without packaging. So in addition, we designed a branded packaging and user manual.

Bound for new shores

The focus now lies in establishing SCUBAJET as a lifestyle brand. Fresh video content is needed for the new Youtube channel. During demo days, fairs and in the course of running tests, video content is produced.

2018 will be marked by content marketing and cross-promotions in social media (magazines, blogs, athletes, other start-ups in the water sports industry). Furthermore, we plan to implement product placements, e.g. in films or as a sponsor of athletes and events. In addition, the existing distribution network will be extended – SCUBAJET does not lack suitable inquiries.

Duration: Since 2016