We like to operate outside of our comfort zone.


Our approach is based on open exchange and transparent work methods. We not only live by these principles internally, but also allow our customers to benefit from them – we work together with our customers.   We don’t just want to sell you something,  but rather develop sustainable and customized solutions together.  

Zensations CEO_Sabrina Hanneman

Sabrina Hanneman


From classical PR to digital marketing and social media. Will it prevail? In the early 2000s, there were many opinions on this. I quickly recognized the transformative power of a strong online brand message and the importance of an effective digital presence. My journey from PR consulting to digital communication was characterized by the vision to strengthen the brand identity of companies and convey their messages in an authentic and impactful manner – across then-new channels.

My motivation to found Zensations in 2010, after around 10 years of experience in traditional PR and account management at a New Media Agency, stemmed from the desire to help companies find their unique voice and present it online in an innovative way. 

My credo “Let’s make magic happen” further reflected my belief that sustainable brands can be built and strategies enforced through creative and targeted communication. The ever-growing importance of digital marketing and the changing landscape of corporate communications have inspired me over the last few years to focus today on digital consulting, UX consulting, UX design, digital marketing, brand management and communications work.

Why Zensations?

We also work with an extensive network of specialists from various areas. This network enables us to offer you comprehensive and versatile services. Whether online or offline, print or animated banners. We have the experts who turn visions into reality.