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Bloomery Vienna

“Where does your bad conscious come from?” – Every woman who gets flowers from her boyfriend/husband. Always.

The image of flowery presents has seen better days. For it seems that you cannot do anything right: Your wife may be allergic to the flowers you bring her, a bouquet fades too fast, hardly anyone knows how to grow potted plants properly and don’t even get us going about bonsai trees. Worst case would be: Your love gets a headache due to the intense fresh flowers’ fragrance. You see, they are not particularly worth the effort.

There is a solution to any issue: The beautifully arranged Infinity Rose Flowerboxes by Bloomery Vienna may be just the right choice for you. These roses are processed with a special treatment and therefor last for up to 3 years, they are genuine eye candy – and eyes only, for leaving out the dizzy odor.


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The Assignment

In order to spice up the image of flowers as gifts in general and of Bloomery Vienna Flowerboxes in particular, Zensations has been brought to the scene. Even in the short campaign runtime, we were able to increase sales orders fivefold. The organic reach on Facebook got doubled.

We accompany Bloomery Vienna through the maze of the social networks, we consult wide-range and support them at planning the campaign for Valentine’s Day 2019 as a strategic partner. Our main focus lies of course on increasing sales.

Initially Zensations defined a common thread for the social media appearances on Facebook and Instagram. After having identified suitable target groups (yes, there are more than just “men who did something wrong”) we created ad content for Facebook. In addition, we built the base for further retargeting measures via the online shop.