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Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling resolves complex issues and makes them understandable – in a short, striking and concise way. We create image videos and explanatory videos for your YouTube channel or implement them as well as interactive animations on your website.

Why animations?

Nowadays, storytelling shapes the communication with clients. While printed media need to rely on the impressions of graphs and photos, the digital world gets into motion. Motion graphics enable a direct relation to the story (video) and users may even become a part of it (interaction).

Compared to live-action movies, animations have the advantage of creating big effects with little means. Abstract and complex issues are simplified and can be understood easier. Based on your company’s style and their Corporate Identity an animation gives your digital appearance the je-ne-sais-quoi.

In short: The best way to familiarize your clients with your story is the moving image. The easiest way is the animation.

Our offers – Animation and Visual Storytelling

1.) Animated videos for your website or your YouTube channel

We offer individually tailored solutions for your audiovisual communication – whether it’s an image film, an instructional video or animated infographics. Our area of expertise is 2D Motion Graphics.

  • Typoanimation: These are often used for animated infographics.
  • Frame by Frame Animation: Cinemagraphs (GIFs) celebrate their comeback right now. We also offer stop motion films.
  • Cut Out Animation and Puppet Pin Technique: This style is perfectly suited for humoristic plots. The technique is for instance applied at Monty Python’s “The Miracle of Flight”. Die Technik wird z.B. bei Monty Python’s The Miracle of Flight verwendet.
  • Generative Gestaltung is often used for Live-Visualising. The animation can be altered or controlled by external influences such as musical compositions.
  • 2,5D Animation: By using the z-axis, real distances are imitated and optically created using parallax effects or depth of field blurs.
  • Combined with Live-Action Footage: Set a course by adding animations to live-action movies.

2.) Interactive website animations

Every successful website foregrounds the user experience. It comprises many divisions such as accessibility and usability. Animated graphics gain importance in this field too. These kinds of animations have a positive impact on a unique user experience:

  • Storytelling Animation: Visual experiences on a whole new level. It’s not only about communicating content, but experiencing a story interactively.
  • Opening Animation: Leave an extraordinary first impression by adding an animated sequence to your landing page.
  • Walkthrough: A walkthrough is often implemented in apps to explain their functions step by step or guide the user through different processes.
  • Guiding Animation: Guides the user on a default path from one stop to the other.
  • Typoanimation: They are either of artistic nature or may convey content subtly.
  • Visual Data: Revive complex and dull content and give it a certain finesse.
  • Subtle Animations: give your website a dynamic impression and charm and bring out the singularity of minimalistic designs
  • Micro Interactions constantly give the user feedback (before during and after an interaction) and thus facilitate a more open interaction process.

If you are interested in our services in motion graphics design, we are looking forward to your contacting us via email or on phone +43 1 8900179