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World Vision Online-Shop

As a longtime partner of World Vision, quite a few projects have been realized so far. Starting with a shop system based on Drupal 7, that is applied as a stand-alone solution for individual website’s for different countries and merges into the system landscape perfectly. Thanks to this solution users are now able to donate or sponsor children automatedly. Thus we had to take the possibility of recurring payments into account, that automatically send all information (payments, updates, reports, progress etc.) to users. This shop solution has been implemented regarding the effective regulations concerning web accessibility.

In the scope of the further collaboration, Zensations took the lead for the software landscape of World Vision Germany, which builds the basis for worldwide web activities. During the refactoring, the implementation and adaptation for World Vision Netherlands has been realized. An integration for the CRM Navision had to be developed. We built this connection by developing a level of abstraction, which enables the connection of CRM systems generically in order to reduce the consequential costs for the international distribution. Zensations is now responsible for maintaining the global master repositories and facilitates a consistent quality assurance for further developments. What’s more, Zensations ensures unvarying high quality for the international NGO by acting as a central partner.

Winter 2014