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Great user experience is part of a better service. In order to optimize digital sales and the service area for newspaper subscribers of the Austrian newspapers Krone and Kurier, Zensations created a whole redesign in consideration of accessibility issues and enhanced user experience. The main aim was to reduce the support requests via phone, therefor provide users with the best possible environment for self-administration and increase the online sales of the publisher’s products. In a first step, the existing sites as well as customer feedback have been evaluated. Based on this evaluation and considering state-of-the-art methodologies we created a whole new web design concept. Afterwards we visualized our concept by using clickable wireframes in order to simulate the user interaction and workflow. In combination with Invision, our client and other stakeholders were able to test these wireframes in form of styled mock-ups. By means of these processes, we also revised the Christmas Calenders by Krone and Kurier as well as a raffle, the “Vignettenbingo”.

The user interface had to be integrated within the technical framework. The challenge was to examine the practicability of our ideas concerning the many different publishing systems and workflows. Therefor, we developed a flexible and reusable system of components that facilitates the implementation of new page types and is easily integrated into the landscape of the Mediaprint systems. Since the project has been launched, the revenues increased and the service requests by phone decreased significantly.