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The Harvard Communication Concept: A Key to Effective Communication

Introduction to the Concept In our increasingly complex world, the ability to communicate effectively is more crucial than ever. Whether in professional negotiations, personal exchanges, or global discourses, the way

Personalized customer experiences – on the way to Customer 360°

Is this advertising following me? How do they know what I’m interested in? What led to astonished reactions and inner monologues a few years ago has now become standard practice.

The key tools for successful AI marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has provided great progress in many areas in recent years. The use of AI has also become standard in marketing. AI-powered tools enable companies to optimize their

Increase conversion rate with UX

For the majority of entrepreneurs and website owners, there is one big goal: maximum number of visitors every month. This wish is understandable, but not yet thought through to the

AI in content marketing

Anyone who moves in the digital world stumbles over the topic of “artificial intelligence” again and again. Currently hyped by ChatGPT and Composed AI. The topic itself is huge and