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We like acting outside our „comfort zone“

An open exchange, ongoing knowledge transfer and transparency are important to us. Our clients benefit from the open communication we stand for.

Sabrina Hanneman

CEO / Founder

Sabrina has founded Zensations in the year 2010. Strategic brand management, communication and marketing are her nature and profession and she is always looking for the next big challenge. So it eventually happens, that we break new grounds, e.g. by investing in a start-up. Everything is possible and her motto is “Let’s make magic happen”.

Daniela Zerlauth

Daniela is a graphic designer and co-founder of Zensations and therefor involved in the business right from the start. Her pixel-accurate works are highly appreciated. Don’t be surprised, if you find exotic animals, krakens and aliens in the designs of our Sci-Fi enthusiast.

Andreas Tasch


„The entity of truth has to be ‚’.” Andi is totally right. As a full stack developer and dad of a little daughter he knows what it means to push the envelope. The impossible does not exist for him. What doesn’t fit, is made to fit.

Jo Spelbrink


Jo has been our expert in the field of accessibility since 2015. He is member of the board of Accessible Media and a popular speaker at many events. He states, that accessible design is not a matter of handicapped people, but of user experience, that affects us all.

Sabrina Kusternik

Digital Marketing Assistant

Since 2016 Sabrina Kusternik adds a fashionable touch to Zensations. Our fashionista does not only have a sense of style, but also knows her marketing trends very well. She doesn’t mince her words and always gets to the heart of a matter.

Florian Pfeffer

Projekt Manager

Florian has been part of the team since 2016. Love brought him to Vienna many years ago and still his German origins make it possible for him to understand why people eat Schnitzel with gravy. At Zensations he takes care of smooth project flows and he is also able to read every client’s wish off their eyes.

Manuel Kettner

Manuel knows a thing or two about accessible UX designs, as well as video production and graphic design. But what he truly lives for is the field of animation graphics. Born and raised in Lower Austria, he has traveled the most far-flung places in the world. Still he trusts Austrian home-style cooking the most, when it comes to lunch. Because so you always know, what you get.

Kevin Kaland


Kevin brings extensive software development and server expertise to Zensations. He aims to communicate with people in their own language (and speaks six). On his mindset, he adds, "I'm kind of a perfectionist, but I know that a project that is never launched can't be perfect.

Roger Pfaff

Backend Developer

With over a decade of Drupal experience and much more in web development Roger brings your Drupal recipe to the table. Speaking of recipes he is very ambitioned in cooking at home or for larger groups when attending community contribution sprints or any occasion where people nourish something different than pizza. And again speaking of community he tries to give back with organising the Drupal User Group Munich and helping others in mastering their open source software use.