Between April 13th and April 19th, I attended Drupal DevDays in Montpellier, France. Besides the extraordinarily good food and great weather (for most of the week at least) I enjoyed a very well organized conference with some interesting sessions and incredibly productive code sprints. The conference attracted roughly 300 Drupalistas.

I spent most of my time working on Drupal 8 Rules or helping other (including many new!) sprinters to contribute.

One of the many discussions related to Rules lead to the idea of implementing support for mathematical expressions for condition- & action plugins as well as input processing. I was so excited about this idea that I immediately started working on a pull request including a Lexer & Parser for mathematical expressions: During that process, I learned a lot about the various different algorithms for producing Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) of mathematical expressions and the resulting notations and about writing Lexers and Parsers in general.

All in all, the Drupal 8 Rules sprint was probably the most productive so far and definitely the biggest by the number of sprinters who participated. Thank you all for coming!

Besides all that, I was finally also able to put some time into the GraphQL adapter for Drupal 8 that I am currently working on, although the lack of a full specification is still rendering this rather difficult. Occasionally, I also paid short visits to the Search- & Facet API sprinters to inform myself about their progress and plans and to discuss some of the architectural aspects of the Drupal 8 rewrite of both of these modules. Really interesting!

The team working on Drupal 8 Core made really good progress and managed to eliminate some of the outstanding critical issues bringing us a bit closer to a release of Drupal 8. Yai!

Altogether, the conference was very enjoyable and incredibly well organized. I am looking forward to the next Drupal DevDays!